Friday, August 10, 2007

Squeaky Clean

This picture was snapped of me hard at work. I hate doing laundry. What a freaking chore--it never seems to end.

Pug is built like a linebacker, tall and broad-shouldered. I'm built more like a little chubby ballerina myself (of course minus the graceful element). My long chicken limbs are the source of considerable mockery (particularly from my sister!) at times. My clothes are about 1/3 the size of Pug's (and forget sharing a suitcase with him! I get no space). I can do a week's worth of my laundry in just one load. My husband's laundry pile, however, has me slaving over the washing machine for a whole day. Not even kidding. And, like many men, he claims he can't "do" laundry. It's just too complicated you know, and he'll inevitably mess it up and get yelled at. What a load of crap. For now, it's still my job, but if his clothes should mysteriously turn pink or perhaps slowly start disappearing over the balcony or something, well maybe I'll get myself demoted. Shucks. :)

Finding myself hanging out with my favorite pair of steel and porcelain appliances yet again today, I'm laughing about a time in college when my friend Ali came home from the supermarket happily announcing that she'd bought us some Durex to share. Not expecting condoms, I laughed and thanked her for looking out for my sexual health and protection. She had of course meant Purex, the laundry detergent I like, but had confused the names. So funny. She cracks me up even when she doesn't mean to--she can't get the names of things right, and forget trying to teach her a phrase or a saying because she'll always botch it, haha. I love her!

But I'm slacking. Gotta go fold.



Alison said...

Oops I put the comment under the wrong thing. This is where it should be:

I really thought it was called Durex haha!! Plus, the chicken was on top of the building and the egg fell off, which one came first? I still love that one and yet I have no idea what the right joke is :).

sarah said...

Haha! See, exactly. Case in point. (or is it, "point in case," ali?)