Friday, August 17, 2007

Man Shower

Tep's out of the office for a while-supposedly getting married or something and then traipsing through the rain forests of Costa Rica. Lame. I'm bored, and he needs to get back to the office. I've actually got plenty of work keeping me busy this week, but I'm so used to having someone to chat to and sing with while we sludge through our day's tasks. "You're a rich girl, and you've gone too far..." just doesn't sound as good without my accompaniment. Well, he can make it up to me by bringing me back something hella cool from Central America. Like a shrunken head.

So I somehow found myself in charge of planning the games for his wedding shower, or man-shower (groom shower?) or whatever you'd call the thing we're throwing from him the day he comes back to work from his honeymoon. (Weren't we supposed to do this before the wedding??) Anyway, I'm having trouble coming up with ideas. My sense of humor is definitely workplace inappropriate, and while he'd appreciate the games I'd come up with, most of the older folk at work would most certainly not. But we need to embarrass him real good--he can handle it. If you have any good ideas, please let me know!!

Gotta go, lunchtime. . . . mmmmmm . . . . canned peaches

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