Tuesday, August 7, 2007

It's Been Great

I love my sister. She's one of the bravest and most strong-willed people I know. She has a strength about her that I will never have but will always admire immensely. Her commitments to the U.S. Navy, her family, and her friends, are truly admirable. She was recently awarded junior officer of the quarter at her naval hospital. Yay!!

She's always been a great big sister, making sure that she gets to make all the decisions and that I get absolutely no say in matters. She's never had a problem telling me what to do. She takes her role very seriously :) Haha, just kidding, but she does have the "first born" personality (if there is really such a thing) through and through!

I'm still mad though about the time when we were about 10 and 11 respectively, and she decided to grab my hotdog out of its bun and squeeze it repeatedly in my face before dramatically flopping it back onto my plate. Mmmm, yummy. My mom made her eat it, while I pouted and wimpered in the corner. To this day, I try to sit as far away from her as possible at BBQs.

But, Bec, all in all, I think you're great. You really are an amazing, inspiring sister and friend. (Oh, and also, I forgive you for deliberately throwing that horseshoe around my ankle as a child. The scar serves as a great conversation piece--so thank you.)


Becca said...

What can I say about you, Sarah? Your kindness and extreme sensitivity make you a truly special person. While I have enjoyed being the older (and bossier) sister, it is your time to spread your wings and fly. The sky's the limit.

Kurt Russell said...

Sarah is clearly the best blogger of all time, ranking secondly only to Orpah. If Sarah were to run for president I would vote twice for her, unless her blogg told me to do otherwise.

Silent Observer said...

I forgot all about the hot dog & horse shoe incidents. Becca should write a blog entry in response.