Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Loving Life

Things are finally starting to fall into place just as they should. . .

Smiling. Blissful. Grateful.

*** So happy ***

Today has been great!!! My project directors have invited me to stay on part time at my company while I go to school! What a relief. Making money is a good thing. Working from home while in school and not having to commute 4 hours a day is even better. I also found out that the apartment we want will be available when we want it! Yay! We're moving on up. A two bedroom apartment sounds super luxurious, haha, after living in our current closet for the past two years. Loving married life :) Oh, and I'm getting a puppy. (Please help me convince Pug that this is a good idea--he keeps trying to appease me by offering to buy me a hedgehog--but it's just not the same)

Well, I'm off to fight the elements outdoors.


Mom said...

I'm glad things are going well & you love married life!

JPo said...

I love reading your blog :) It just makes me so happy.

(By the way.... are you SURE you want a puppy? It could make all of your "life is so great's" turn into, "life is so demanding's".... Just ask my sister.)

Well, now that I've rained on your parade, have a great rest of the day!!!

Hehe :)

Keith said...

How could you not want a hedgehog, unless you have no soul...