Sunday, September 14, 2008


What a great weekend with the grandparents. Shame it rained so darn much.

I am now procrastinating. I've been trying to develop a unit on tolerance for the first graders, but I can't seem to pull it all together. I have all these disjointed ideas but can't seem to get it together to organize them into sequential lessons. Can't wait to make the finger puppets though. I think that's what I'm looking forward to the most. 

So I'm back in school. And working. And interning. Where oh where does the time go? 

We finally got a new little brother for Big Brothers Big Sisters since our previous one moved away, so I'm really excited to take him out next weekend! Yes, I am going to try to be a decent Big to the little guy while juggling all the other balls I've thrown crazily up into the air. Also, I really want to go to the Renaissance Fair to people watch (and eat, of course).  Folks from all walks of life make appearances at those types of events.  Becky put the idea in my head, and hopefully she didn't go this weekend so we can all go together next weekend. And, I really want to go camping again, but Bec took her tent back. Poo.

I shall stop rambling now and go on with my lesson planning.