Friday, December 26, 2008


The Hanukkah card I sent to Bec a few days ago came back to me in the mail today.  Apparently I'd forgotten to write both her state and the zip code.  

But she conveniently came to visit tonight, so I had the pleasure of hand delivering it (although I demanded my stamp back). It is lovely to get to spend the holiday with her and B and to introduce them to the tasty yumminess of Berger cookies. Mmmm. I am looking forward to celebrating B's bday tomorrow over Afghani delights and drinks downtown.  It's fun to have visitors!

Whoa, look at me blogging twice in one day. Don't worry--it shalln't happen again.

Just Dance

I'm in the market for a vacuum cleaner. And I'm nervous. I'm in way over my head. If you know me then you'll understand why. All these after-xmas-sales, and I'm just plumb overwhelmed by choices. Boo, wish I was shopping for something more exciting. Like a house.

I've spent the last two days cleaning up our office. I get obsessive about getting organized before I start a new semester at school, although once the semester kicks off, I retreat to the comfort of my shamelessly slobbish ways.  I've always been a self-proclaimed packrat (runs in the family), but yesterday I had to stop and question my mental processing mechanism for having instructed me to hold onto some of the things I found. Three-inch frayed ribbons, broken pencils, ripped folders (nothing that tape can't fix!), calendars from 2005.  Pug has learned that while cleaning, he can turn to me and ask, "Can you make use out of this (cracked paperweight) one day?" and I'll almost definitively say yes to anything offered up my way.  It might be an illness.

Whoops, time to go watch the The View at the gym. I'm back on the Put-Down-the-Donut-Diet. So far, not working.