Friday, August 24, 2007

Getting in Shape (or not)

I'm having a love affair with my new abs ball. It's great! So convenient with built in handles for gripping during exercise. It even came with a free workout dvd, complete with a real babe in spandex as the instructor. When he says I'm going to get rock-hard abs in six weeks, well I believe him. (If he said I would become a millionaire overnight and that I should quit my job and drink Mai Thais all day at the pool for the rest of my life, well I'd probably believe that too.) He's just so confident and convincing. Only problem is, you're spose to do cardio in addition to doing the abs dvd three times a week. And that's just too much. Does walking to work count? I log a good three-quarter mile each way from the metro. Somehow, I don't think that cuts it though. Boo, flabby belly it is then. Well, at least until school starts next month and I stop this crazy commute (doctor told me yesterday that commuting like this over time would take YEARS off my life! Yikes). When I start working from home, I'll have NO excuse not to get off my butt and go for a run before class in the afternoons. See, having a puppy would help.

On another front, packing is really a big ole pain. Boxes everywhere. At least we're throwing a lot out and donating as much as possible, including one of our cars. Oh yea--we bought a car last weekend!! Yay! It's new and blue. And we vow to keep it clean. It has bluetooth built in, so when your phone rings in the car, you can answer it through the steering wheel and you talk to the person through the car speakers! Awesome! still need to get used to that. Of course, I am not the one who gets to drive it on a daily basis, but that's fine--my little white bubble car suits me just fine.

Blah. Today has been so boring. Our little bro turns the big 1-1 this weekend, so hopefully we'll take him out tonight for a little late night clubbing in Baltimore. Er, I mean a rousing round of ski ball at Chuckie Cheese.

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Kathy said...

yes getting in shape is important. but you know cut down on ur sweets like I did :)