Friday, November 30, 2007

10 Years Younger....

This morning the nurse at the doctor's office had to use a pediatric needle on me (will I never outgrow it?) to draw blood because my veins are so tiny and greedy and don't want to oblige any request. She pounded on each arm for a few minutes trying to evoke any signs of life in there and said it was easier to find veins in elderly people who are severely dehydrated than in me. Great.

Then later I was picking up food at a restaurant, and the cashier gave me this look and asked me how old I was. (why? I have no idea--wasn't buying alcohol). When I told her, she shook her head, and was like "No way. You can't be older than sixteen." Sorry to disappoint.

Anyway, this kid's ready for a super weekend! So excited to have friends come over tonight and tomorrow. Yay! Less excited to write final papers. Boo.

These past few weeks have been so, so great--I've gotten to see friends who I rarely see anymore due to distance, and it's been sooo much fun!! (but I suck at Guitar Hero). There's something about old friends who've known you forever and love you for all your crazy weirdness and you love them for theirs that makes life so much more full. Being with them is so comforting and wonderful and goofy. I'm really lucky.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007


I'm so antsyyyyyyyyyyyyy. I can't sit still. Dragged poor hubby with me out in the cold air tonight cuz I needed to walk off my energy. For a long time. He finally made me quit and go back inside once our faces had completely frozen over.

I sat in one place w/o a break for five hours this afternoon working away at an oh-so-tedious last minute task that was due at COB. I had tunnel vision, going through documents trying to reconcile data for a report, and I wouldn't get up til it was all exactly in order. Perfectionist much? Not about most things, but I do get in moods.

So now all I want to do is run around outside!!!

That's all.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

What's New is Old

Pug ruined my brand new silk dress. Accident, of course, but I nearly had a heart attack! I'd bought it for myself on a whim last night while Hanukkah shopping (oops), and because it was no drop in bucket I had planned to keep the tags on while getting the opinions of him, my mom, and my sister. I tried it on before bed and asked Pug to get the zipper, not realizing he'd just thoroughly pampered his dry hands with moisturizing lotion. Well he grabbed that dress every inche along the zipper line up the back trying to close it. I know because it now has white lotion stains EVERYWHERE. Yea, not pretty, and bit too Monica Lewinsky-ish looking for my taste. And those darn stains would not come out. So, needless to say, I'm now keeping the dress and will have the unexpected pleasure of paying to dry clean it before I wear it next month. A real joy.

In happier news, we finally hung pictures from our wedding, etc. today. And of course it took forever because everything had to be perfectly straight. We used my prized laser level (which was the most thoughtful gift anyone's ever given me!!) all afternoon. So I was again in my element, and the dress incident is now (almost) forgotten.

The weather is simply beautiful, and we can't wait for tomorrow! Happy, happy Thanksgiving, all! All my love :)

I'm gonna go shopping again. Bye.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Professional Advice

I stopped at Wendy's after school tonight to grab a salad. The cashier guy asked me what kind of dressing I wanted, so I said fat free honey mustard. He stopped, looked down over me across the counter, and seriously said, "No. I'm giving you the full fat one. You need it." Oh. Ok.

I'm not used to complete strangers telling me what I should and shouldn't eat. Well, actually, he went a step further than advice-giving and outwardly refused to give me what I asked for! But I had to laugh! He had a lot of nerve. I'm admittedly not a very big woman, but I'm not withering away by any means either, so what the heck? Regardless, none of random man-behind-the-counter's business! Geez.

Anyway, I feel so lucky because I have the most beautiful tree right outside my window that's bright orange and red, and I stare at it all day when I do work. It's the nicest one in the whole development (I verified), and it's tucked back behind the building for only a few of us lucky ones to enjoy. It's pretty and makes me so happy.

Kimmy's wedding this weekend! Yay!

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Sweet Tooth

Seriously, what is it about free food that turns us into greedy, pocket-stuffing little maniacs? Or, um, at least me, anyway? This week is "Student Appreciation Week" at the graduate campus so every night they've been putting out free drinks and junk food at this table when you first walk into the building. I went nuts. I stopped by before class, during break, and then again on my way out.

What the heck is wrong with me? There I am in class, stuffing my face, and my dad's mantra about junk food being nothing but "fat pills" creeps into my head. Thanks a lot, Sue. But somehow I was able to kick that thought quickly. By the last time I snuck up to the table, I wasn't even hungry. I took more just because it was there. No shame--I literally stuffed two candy bars into the front pocket of my hoodie, grabbed a water bottle, a bag of popcorn, and two college pens, just for good measure. I think I got the evil eye from one of the women putting out the food, but What. Ever.

It's like I've never eaten before. Well, I guess in my defense, I don't buy much junk food anymore, so when it was there in a big pile just begging to be eaten, I had to oblige. Multiple times. No wonder I feel like poo today.

Can't wait for class tomorow night--all 6 hours of it--gonna be a doowsy--I'm gonna wear a coat with lots of pockets.

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Salt 'n Pepa

We took our little brother and his little sister out on Friday night. Love them! I just have to share some funny things they said....

When they first got to the house, they started fighting over whether or not Santa Claus was white or black. So of course they asked me. Aaaah! First, I said he's both. Then I tried, "What color do you want him to be?" Well that didn't satisfy them. Should have known--they're little kids and they want a concrete answer dammit! I was stuck. So to escape I played the Jew card and told them I had no idea, but that they better be good if they want presents. Santa and I weren't exactly tight when I was a kid, so how the heck should I know what color his skin is?

After go-karting, we took them for dinner, and I kept trying to offer food choices to the little one (which were all turned down of course). I asked if she wanted chicken, and she told me she forgot was chicken is. What?! She didn't know what chicken was? And no, this was not a child raised in a vegetarian household, so that excuse for not knowing doesn't fly! But suddenly, I found it impossible to explain cooked chicken. Seriously, all I managed was, "It's white." I didn't want to explain chicken as the live animal, because she knows what it is, plus it's just not appetizing to describe the physical features of the poor animal in detail while trying to entice a six-year-old to eat it! But finally she said no, she definitely didn't want chicken. She wanted hot wings instead. I didn't bother explaining....

Driving them through Baltimore on the way home, my little brother started pointing at the huge salt piles on the side of the road asking if I knew what they were. He was so excited to tell me that it's where they keep the salt and pepper. I started laughing, couldn't help it. "Is that so? I thought that's where they keep the salt for the roads in the winter," I tried. But no, he was insistent that it was the kind you could sprinkle over your eggs, and that yes, there were pepper piles there too (we just couldn't see them). Ok, fine.

Hehe, they're so funny. I love the innocence and curiosity and hope that they hold onto that for a long, long, long time.