Friday, July 6, 2012

Independence Day

There is just something about fireworks. For some the feeling begins when they think about the hard-earned freedom fireworks symbolize in our country, that hard knot of pride in their chests that reminds them that we are Americans, despite anything and everything that happens to us. And I hope, as it is for me, the feeling is also one of immense gratitude toward the men and women who ensure that freedom, both here at home and overseas.

Yes, there is just something about fireworks. Just the anticipation of their beginning has us repeatedly glancing at our watches excitement. Then we finally hear the whoosh of a firework being launched, and we brace ourselves, knowing that something brilliant is about to erupt. I'd have to guess that it's one of the few things in life anymore that can truly stop us in our tracks, compelling us to gaze upward.

But I'm not watching the fireworks. I'm watching your faces. The sea of unadulterated smiles that swells as your world blazes with color. That look of pure joy. That's all the fireworks I need.