Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Mr. Laura Bush?

After yesterday's shenanigans, I feel compelled to write more serious post. I do have a quite serious and mature side you know :) So this one will be dedicated to my love for the coolest kid ever-- my little brother.

For those of you who may not know, we are a "big couple" to an amazing 11 year-old boy, and have been matched with him since he was 9 years old. He's so funny and clever and energetic--so inquisitive and so craving of attention. We just love that kid. (And seeing how great my husband is when playing with him and his little sister in our pool makes makes me all smiley)

We brought him to my friend's parents house the other night because I needed to pick something up. While there, I pointed to a picture of the friend's mother posing with George and Laura Bush at some White House function, asking my little brother if he knew who that guy was in the picture. "Him?" he asks, pointing right to Laura Bush. I lost it and couldn't stop laughing. He finally got it right once he realized I was referring to the president and not his poor wife (who is by no means masculine looking). She's actually quite pretty I think. Ok fine--she's no Jackie Kennedy, that's for sure, and she should fire her current stylist immediately, but still...

I know this is a shameless plug for Big Brothers Big Sisters, but it really is an amazing organization. I've been involved for over three years now and have had nothing but great experiences through it with my former little sister in Pennsylvania and our current little brother here in Maryland. The commitment is only a few hours a month, and not only will you brighten the life of a child, but you'll also learn a ton about yourself in the process.

Even if you have kids of your own, you can still get involved and become a "Big." You'll love it! Chances are you'll be matched with a child more interesting than your own kids anyway. Kidding, kidding. But these kids need us--they need adult role models to be their friends, to listen to them, to encourage them, to laugh and have fun with them. It's such a fantastic program. Check it out at

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Pug said...

Laura Bush is a he/she, she's a little mannish and definitely in need of a new hairdo. On the other subject, Kamel is an awesome little brother and Sarah is very cute when interacting with him, usually by laughing at everything he says. If you are interested in becoming a "big" or have any questions you can talk to either of us.