Sunday, November 4, 2007

Salt 'n Pepa

We took our little brother and his little sister out on Friday night. Love them! I just have to share some funny things they said....

When they first got to the house, they started fighting over whether or not Santa Claus was white or black. So of course they asked me. Aaaah! First, I said he's both. Then I tried, "What color do you want him to be?" Well that didn't satisfy them. Should have known--they're little kids and they want a concrete answer dammit! I was stuck. So to escape I played the Jew card and told them I had no idea, but that they better be good if they want presents. Santa and I weren't exactly tight when I was a kid, so how the heck should I know what color his skin is?

After go-karting, we took them for dinner, and I kept trying to offer food choices to the little one (which were all turned down of course). I asked if she wanted chicken, and she told me she forgot was chicken is. What?! She didn't know what chicken was? And no, this was not a child raised in a vegetarian household, so that excuse for not knowing doesn't fly! But suddenly, I found it impossible to explain cooked chicken. Seriously, all I managed was, "It's white." I didn't want to explain chicken as the live animal, because she knows what it is, plus it's just not appetizing to describe the physical features of the poor animal in detail while trying to entice a six-year-old to eat it! But finally she said no, she definitely didn't want chicken. She wanted hot wings instead. I didn't bother explaining....

Driving them through Baltimore on the way home, my little brother started pointing at the huge salt piles on the side of the road asking if I knew what they were. He was so excited to tell me that it's where they keep the salt and pepper. I started laughing, couldn't help it. "Is that so? I thought that's where they keep the salt for the roads in the winter," I tried. But no, he was insistent that it was the kind you could sprinkle over your eggs, and that yes, there were pepper piles there too (we just couldn't see them). Ok, fine.

Hehe, they're so funny. I love the innocence and curiosity and hope that they hold onto that for a long, long, long time.


Anonymous said...

I loved hearing about the kids & your attempts to answer their questions. Serves you right for all the hard questions you asked when you were little!

me! said...

hah! that's so cute. :)
ps as for the free food, it's a shame you werent at work the other day, so much baked stuff!
shoot, my new blog: - just to make you wish you had been around to eat it