Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Sweet Tooth

Seriously, what is it about free food that turns us into greedy, pocket-stuffing little maniacs? Or, um, at least me, anyway? This week is "Student Appreciation Week" at the graduate campus so every night they've been putting out free drinks and junk food at this table when you first walk into the building. I went nuts. I stopped by before class, during break, and then again on my way out.

What the heck is wrong with me? There I am in class, stuffing my face, and my dad's mantra about junk food being nothing but "fat pills" creeps into my head. Thanks a lot, Sue. But somehow I was able to kick that thought quickly. By the last time I snuck up to the table, I wasn't even hungry. I took more just because it was there. No shame--I literally stuffed two candy bars into the front pocket of my hoodie, grabbed a water bottle, a bag of popcorn, and two college pens, just for good measure. I think I got the evil eye from one of the women putting out the food, but What. Ever.

It's like I've never eaten before. Well, I guess in my defense, I don't buy much junk food anymore, so when it was there in a big pile just begging to be eaten, I had to oblige. Multiple times. No wonder I feel like poo today.

Can't wait for class tomorow night--all 6 hours of it--gonna be a doowsy--I'm gonna wear a coat with lots of pockets.

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