Tuesday, January 6, 2009

That Time Again

New Year's Resolutions

(well, what I can come up with on the fly)

* Graduate and start a new job!
* Learn how to use my rice cooker 
* Get my first suntan 
* Develop a new hobby (other than keeping hourly tabs on www.people.com activity) 
* Locate my abdominal muscles and coax them out of dormancy 
* Kick my caffeine addiction
* Run some sort (any sort) of a race. Even a 5K will do.
* Stop swearing as much
* Love more, complain less 
* Be more earnest

Happy 2009!  


Dad said...

I really like the job idea a lot!...Luv/D

p.s. graduation's not bad either. Hope all your plans come to fruition, except the sun tan bit. Sorry kid, you have my sun averse gene.

Anonymous said...

How about visit with your Mom alot!