Wednesday, January 28, 2009


My first thought when I woke up today was not about school or work or personal safety out on the roads.  It was "Oh crap, will they cancel the dance class?"  I've looked forward to it for days, and I had to get there!  Neither our walkways nor the roads in our apartment complex have been plowed, so skating to my car was the only option.  The parking lot was literally sheets of layered ice.  But I was called by a greater force to pick, jab, carve, and scrape until my car was unearthed from its icy lair.  I thought I might die as I slid around the road trying to get out of the neighborhood, but I assured myself that the risk was well worth the reward.  Arriving at the gym to see a full parking lot was like a beacon of white light amidst this gray, monstrous weather. All the other shopping center parking lots were nearly empty, but no, not the gym.  Oh no, we will persevere! We will get those rock hard abs, come hell or . . . icy weather?  I'm an idiot. (but the dance class was awesome)

I know the minute I get into the shower, the cable guy will finally arrive.  Isn't that how it works?  You give up waiting, move on with your day, and then there he is at the door, and well, there you are, dressed in your birthday best.  Oh well. 

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Anonymous said...

glad you like the dance class

I felt the same way when I took a jazzercise class once

keep it up!