Saturday, January 31, 2009

How the Ford Flex Saved Detroit

During a professional development seminar today I accidentally dropped my shoe into the toilet. There was no toilet paper left in the stall or paper towels in the bathroom, so I couldn't dry it off. So I squished back into the meeting, squirting toilet water out the sides of my shoe onto my nice dress pants with each step.  Then my toes went numb from the cold, wet shoe.  Then I ate lunch.  


Anonymous said...

LOL, this is one of your best stories yet!! I loved hearing you tell it in always have such weird stuff happen to you!

your Favorite sis :)

Anonymous said...

only you could have this happen

although I dropped my name badge for work into the toilet recently

maybe it's hereditary

Jennifer Bottoni said...

Wow, I just realized I haven't read your blog in about 4 months. This story made me crack up, sar. Especially the title.