Friday, December 26, 2008


The Hanukkah card I sent to Bec a few days ago came back to me in the mail today.  Apparently I'd forgotten to write both her state and the zip code.  

But she conveniently came to visit tonight, so I had the pleasure of hand delivering it (although I demanded my stamp back). It is lovely to get to spend the holiday with her and B and to introduce them to the tasty yumminess of Berger cookies. Mmmm. I am looking forward to celebrating B's bday tomorrow over Afghani delights and drinks downtown.  It's fun to have visitors!

Whoa, look at me blogging twice in one day. Don't worry--it shalln't happen again.


Anonymous said...

It was delightful to see you and Jesse. The Cuban food was great, and I won't forget b's Beyonce dance anytime soon! :)


P.S. Is "shalln't" a real word?

jacker said...

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