Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Weekend Reflections

I was cooking a huge pot of green beans tonight after class, and it made me remember my blog today. And the beans were delightful indeed. A great stand-alone dinner, I'll say. Mmmm, now I want more.

Well, the long weekend was glorious. Too cold to go into the ocean, but we walked alone the beach on the army base, ate some yummy food, walked around historic Portsmouth and Norfolk, played on the swingset, and bought a plastic kickball at the dollar store and played with it in the park. It was a superb day off work, I must report.

Bec got a mountain bike! I haven't seen anyone THAT excited over anything in a long time-was really cute. And a great bike, indeed. I had a joyous time riding it all around the Target parking lot while they took an hour to figure out how to secure the bike holder-thingy onto the back of our car. Made me want a bike too--I just might look into it.

Then we got back to our apartment in MD at midnight this morning to the commotion of the woman below us screaming at the top of her lungs for someone to GET OUTTTTTT! Screaming and screaming, so Pug finally went down to yell, only to discover that she was alone and hallucinating. She is elderly and her husband has just died, we found out. After leaving her apartment, she momentarily quieted down but then started screaming again and banging the walls, trying to rid her apartment of the "intruders." Made me really sad. She needs help. Afraid she might accidentally harm herself carrying on and banging around her apartment, we called the police, hoping they'd send medical support, but only an officer came. We're trying to find out if she has relatives we can call to suggest they get her some help....it was a late night. But it made me even more eager to pursue my program of study...so that I can be a helper and have the knowledge, tools, and resources to at least refer people with psychological disorders to the appropriate people and programs.


Anonymous said...

Maybe you can find a way to help your neighbor.

A bike might be great fun for you & Jesse.

Anonymous said...

It WAS a great weekend. I had fun on the playground and with the ball and Shrek frisbee. And I am super excited about my bike...you should get one so we can brave the Tyler Park hills together when we come home!