Monday, September 24, 2007

The Next Steffi Graf

Pug and I having started playing tennis, and I'm really good. Just not in a traditional sort of way. My form and technique are what you could call unpredictably unique. I tried really hard anyway. Luckily I sometimes have a very high tolerance for putting myself in embarrasing situations--and tonight was no exception. Ugh, first of all, my shorts were WAY too short and riding up the entire time (ouch, big mistake there, never again), so yea, not pretty for anyone except maybe my husband who maybe found it cute because it added humor to the rest of the situation, and second, I was flailing all over the place, fly-swating style, literally twisting in circles, trying to anticipate where the heck the ball was going so I could make contact. Which happened twice I think, only one of which went over the net. (ok, I might be exaggerating a bit). We were those people, who kept smacking the ball into everyone else's court the whole time. But we had fun so who cares? Last time we played tennis was on our honeymoon, and these mongoose were running amuck through the court--a little unsettling honestly.

If you have any tips on how to perfect my already pretty tight game, please send them my way. :)

(and just to clarify, because I have to, that's NOT me in the picture--but you get the short shorts delimma I was having)

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JPo said...

Ha, I told my sister to check your site to read your poem (which she thought was GORGEOUS, btw!), and she was like, "Am I on the right site? Is that Sarah's butt??"