Tuesday, September 11, 2007


i need a beer. ( so i am drinking one--instant gratification is a must today). the last week has been rough. on so many levels. crap, is it seriously only tuesday?

change. so much of it. the past month has been incredibly tiring, exciting, but exhausting. crazy how sometimes when so many things change all of a sudden, we have to grip our lives tightly with two hands and just ride it out, because we know that if we let go, we will surely fall off, if even for just a few moments. it's like that right now for me, just hanging on, hoping that everything is flowing in the right direction. because it all happens at once. isn't that how it always goes?

keeping the job (for real this time), i just found out today, but working at home. i'll miss all my friends at work--you are amazing and have unquestioningly made the experience worthwhile for me. but i'll be back at least once a month to complain as usual and make you take random walks with me, so don't let them take my desk :)

school starts thursday. yikes!!

so tired. need to go numb my mind. reality tv should do the trick :)

peace out

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