Thursday, September 10, 2009

Care Bears and Booger Books

Apparently my husband was none too pleased with the meticulous grocery list I left for him tonight:

lunch stuff
dinner stuff

What? It encompasses everything we need. He feels strongly, however, that he is unable to enter a supermarket in earnest unless I have crafted him a detailed list of desired merchandise. Tonight my list wasn't cutting it.

I must remove my head from my butt and focus on something other than work. Like eating, and housework, and heaven forbid, fun activity. I seem to expel all my energy at school, getting to school, staying after school, and then thinking about school when I get home. Healthy, I know. It's that whole building the plane while you're already flying it thing....I'm trying to set up my office, figure out what I'm doing, plan my program, and meet the needs of all the kids. And I'm overwhelmed.

BUT...the kids are so darn adorable and loving that it truly puts a big ole goofy grin on my face every day :)

P.S. Thanks loyal reader, for sticking with me despite the hiatus and uber boring posts.


Anonymous said...

i like your grocery lets Jesse be creative! see ya soon!

Big sister Becca

Mom said...

I can understand his frustration - leaves it open to nothing being the right choice.

You do have to think about more than work; otherwise it will consume you