Saturday, April 4, 2009


So I was walking across the parking lot yesterday coming from the craft store, and I noticed that a guy driving by seemed to be petting something in the front seat next to him. Being nosy of course, I scooted closer so that I could peer inside. Expecting to find an adorable puppy or a small child, I was surprised to discover that it was instead a case of beer that he was lovingly stroking beside him. Wow, somebody was antsy to go home and get happy on a Friday afternoon! I started to laugh but then looked down and realized I was hugging the new pastel set that I'd just bought. Guess we share an affinity for PDA with inanimate objects. I went home and attempted to create a masterpiece. According to Pug, I fell asleep with purple pastel smeared all over my forehead. 

Yay April! It means grad school ends, wedding anniversary arrives, and weather turns warmer. We took a long drive through the country today and visited some pretty gardens. I feel happy. 

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