Sunday, March 15, 2009

I am my own parade

Final push, only two months to go and I'm through with school. I'm so incredibly tired and ready for the next step, but sad nonetheless that this period of my life is's been an incredible journey for me both professionally and personally, and I'm coming out on the other end more self-aware and confident, although I still have a long way to go....

Matthew, my dear friend and faithful reader, has asked if my blog will continue, and I answer with a resounding "YES!" It might even get less boring, imagine that. An added bonus. As requested, I will continue to post the photo results of my husband daring me to squeeze into small, not-meant-for-humans spaces, much like last year's dryer picture. I don't think I posted the one of me in the poster display carrying case at work. That was a real delightful feat. I'm going to break a rib one day.

Ok, bye.  

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Anonymous said...

You deserve a lot of credit for all of your hard work! Hopefully a meaningful job will be the fruits of your labor.