Tuesday, May 13, 2008

S'more What?

I'm on a walking team at work--we're doing a 10,000 step challenge against 100 other teams in my company. Wanna know what we get if our team wins?  Tee-shirts. Ooooo babbby.  I WANT one!

We call ourselves team Chester Copperpot Howie Mr. Belding S'more What?  We actually submitted that name to the HR department.  It was a collaboration of sorts, as you can probably imagine.  And I'd like to think we're gonna win.  Our team is comprised of athletic people (I use the term loosely to include myself, of course).  And we're hardcore.  Anthea's kicking butt.  She took 25,000 steps one day!  How is that even possible??  That makes up for the 1,000 step day I spent walking from the couch to the kitchen to the bathroom and back.  Just kidding. I've been walking everywhere!  And wearing my pedometer at the gym of course.  I took the trash out 4 times one day just to add steps. I'm a maniac---I'll do anything.  Wish me luck!  


Anonymous said...

Good luck, Sarah! It's a worthy challenge.

Anonymous said...

We did awesome with our 21,000 steps last Sat!! I think you can top 25,000 if you put your mind to it (and go to more of your hip hop classes, PLUS walks, PLUS dancing at night!). Happy birthday for tomorrow!!!!!


Anthea said...

Happy B'day!

I think you should include that story about the gas station on the blog. Seriously, it's an awesome story!