Tuesday, March 25, 2008

de de dee

So happy that spring is almost here!  Last weekend's weather down in Virginia was such a tease! We were on the beach in 70 degree weather, and people were out in bikinis!! Bec, I think I might be moving down.  And I'll befriend that old guy we met at the park, who you refused to invite with us to dinner.  Cold heart. :)

I'm excited for April--so many fun things coming up and so many people to see!  And it'll be nice to go home, since we haven't been there in months.  Can't wait to take a nice long walk in Tyler with my parents--I miss the familiarity and comfort of it.

This semester has been so much work but so much fun.  Who knew I'd enjoy working with little kids so much?  Gosh, I just light up every time I'm there!  As usual, just when I think I've made up my mind, everything turns on its head. What an amazing experience!  


Jenny said...

You know... if you moved down to Miami, you'd have 70+ degree weather EVERY DAY OF THE YEAR! Just a thought... Miss you!

Anonymous said...

do the chickens have large talons? -keith

Anonymous said...

You should totally move down here!!! The weather is great. I miss living near you!
And he was a cute old man, but you can't take home everyone/everything you meet!! :-p