Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Tis the Season...

Merry Christmas to those who celebrate!! What a lovely, sunny day.

I watched A Christmas Story 1.5 times on tv today. I might watch it again tonight.

We spent the past few days visiting Bec in Virginia (Go Navy!), and then my parents came down (finally) to spend time with us in our now not-so-new anymore apartment ;) Twas all around a grand 'ole time, but now I'm exhausted from eating too many sweets and lying around watching movies. 'Tis the season.....for a double chin, as I say. Aw heck, that's what New Year's resolutions are for, right? Eat that fruitcake. Actually, it's narsty. Don't.

Speaking of which, I need to write out my resolutions (yes, I actually write them). I write down new things I did/learned in the previous year as well as what I hope to accomplish in the upcoming year.

Here's all I have so far.

In 2007, I:
*Got married
*(Nearly) Conquered my fear of shots/needles
*Realized that eating seafood is not entirely unpleasant
*Made a friend
*Enhanced my repertoire of dance moves
*Started graduate school
*Gained a better appreciation for classical music
*Moved from one overpriced area to another
*Discovered the location of Laos on a world map
*Started a blog (lame)


Anthea said...

Sarah! You do NOT live in an overpriced area!!!!! It's too far of a drive for that to be possible!

Anonymous said...

I want to see the dance move!

Quite an accomplished list, especially knowing where Laos is.