Monday, October 8, 2007

No More Waiting

"Waiting like an iceberg. Waiting to change. But she's cold inside. She wants to be like the water . . . Most of everyday is full of tired excuses."

I randomly heard this song today (KT Tunstall), and the lyrics resonated on a very personal level. I think in many ways I'm waiting to change too. Not sure what I'm waiting for, but I am sure that it's easier to wait and do nothing than to really look inside myself and begin to change some of my thoughts and behaviors. But that's part of my self-imposed challenge--to really explore my own thoughts, beliefs, and values--for how can I truly help others in an genuine, non-judgmental way if I am not even comfortable in my own (pale) skin? And you know what? It's not as hard as I thought--although very much still a draft in process.....I'll stop there.

Anywho.....I was so happy to hear this week that Oprah's new book club pick is Love in the Time of Cholera. This has been a longtime favorite of mine, and I'm glad to see it getting the media attention it so much deserves. Gabriel Garcia Marquez's prose is so lyrical, emotive, and intense that it clutches the reader in its arms throughout the course of this turbulent and emphatically romantic love tale. It affected me in a way few other novels have managed. And that is that. Read it if you can!!

Yikes, the Bachelor's on! Gotta go.


Anonymous said...

You've inspired me to read the book!

me! said...

s - i've never read it, but have you seen serendipity?