Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Living the American Dream

This posting is a tribute to my amazing husband, who is currently in bumble Virginia somewhere, peddling his wares to the locals.

I have to say how much I admire how openly and wholeheartly he embraces new things. He just jumps right on in. (I'm more of a toe-dipper myself.) He knew nothing about medical sales (especially OB/GYN products!) but has transitioned into his new job beautifully. And I think that's great. He can get along with just about anyone. It's his big smile, jovial personality, and warm heart that win people over I think. Ok, maybe it's the donuts he brings to the nurses, but that's neither here nor there.

Along those lines, he really wants this tee shirt that says, "I'm not a gynecologist, but I'll take a look." I actually think it's funny. I randomly saw the shirt for sale in a store in Nashville the other week, but unfortunately they didn't have it in his size.

So if any of you ladies are in need of a mobius retractor device for an impending c-secion, look no further.


JPo said...

Haha! If I find that shirt, I'll buy it for him, lol. (Just tell him not to wear it for work!)

Hubby said...

So cute!! You have such a talent writing this thing. Maybe you could do a post on your "put down the donut" diet. Could be very funny.

El said...

Very sweet & great t-shirt for your hubby