Tuesday, July 24, 2007

commuting to DC

So I'm what Newsweek considers an "Extreme Commuter." I commute more than 90 minutes each way to work along with 2% of the other people in this country. We're quite an exclusive club you know. I think I should carry some sort of important looking ID card or something...

As I finally reach the light at the end of the tunnel and stop this ridiculous commute, I've been reflecting on some of the pros and cons.

*I get to watch some great fights on the subway.
*I can read an entire novel, cover to cover, including the prologue, on the way to work each morning.
*I have lots of forced "me" time. Lots.
*I get sympathy from co-workers and can stay home in bad weather.
*I've now memorized every stop on the metro system. If you have a question, I'm your girl.
*I get to see a plethera of odd looking individuals on a daily basis.

*The obvious: I waste four hours a day when I could (potentially) be doing something more productive.
*I'm always exhausted and could pretty much fall asleep at any moment.
*I inevitably arrive to work in a pissy mood due to a traffic or train delay, encounter with a most unfriendly commuter, harrassment by a homeless person or something along those lines...
*I'm too damn tired to exercise/move off the couch by the time I get home.
*I pretty much have no life.

Two years of it can really wear on you. I'm just glad it's almost over....

Oh, about the green beans in the URL.... they're only the best food in the world according to me. Strange but true. I never tire of them. Keep in mind that this is coming from a girl who never cooks, let alone attempts to. So they're pretty much a staple for me. Foie gras, cavier, truffles have nothing on these little green delights. Ok, they may indeed be considered better by those of you with more cultivated palates, but rest assured that I'll never know.


tyler said...

Sarah's post is all true. I can attest to her pissiness every morning at work, and there are a fair number of mutants on the metro (myself included). Great blog Sarah, you're gonna have a readership in the high single digits in no time!

El said...

I forgot what a talented writer you are!