Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Hello old neglected friend! My how I have avoided you over the last year. But I have an excuse. Well, several. Things sort of fell apart, I had to start over, I'm learning how to live on my own, and I needed to find the courage to let myself feel happy again.

So here I am, back but undoubtedly changed. It has taken me a long while to come to the realization that I can never go back to being the "old me." In the course of everything that transpired, all the tears that were shed, the new quests, the risks taken, the heart given, I cannot possibly still be the same girl I was before this was all set in motion. I'd like to think I'm more brave than she was, more determined, even in the face of criticism and loneliness, to find my true path. But yet maybe a little more foolish too. I'm still "me," but a slightly less naive, more cautious me than I was before, but also a hopeful me that prays I will one day shed the shackles of guilt and let myself move toward the beautiful life.

What I have learned:

*Houses and "things,"e.g. throw pillows and wall art, may look beautiful but aren't true companions
*Once you close a familiar door, the person on the other side might never try to step through it again
*The loving friendship among girls is sacred
*Time does not always heal
*Courage and willingness to love can introduce you to beautiful new people
*I will be fine, great even


Dad said...

you are great, you just have to realize that....love/D

Anonymous said...

You are a very special person, with many talents - let them shine & have confidence in yourself!