Wednesday, January 6, 2010


I have daily breakfast duty at my school. It's a real treat. The smell alone in the cafeteria sufficiently stifles my appetite for at least 6 hours. This morning a child threatened to dump her carton of strawberry milk down my leg again. She got me real good before winter break--my sock and shoe were soaking wet for hours. Although I have to say that it beats having syrup dripped down your pants. I disliked that very much.

Today after the morning bell rang I was left supervising one dawdling little seven-year old. She is the long lost poster child for "ragamuffin." No front teeth, mismatched rumpled clothing, wild tangling hair, speech impediment....the whole bit. Anyway, she opened her chocolate milk, took a big gulp, scrunched up her face, and yelled, "This tastes like horse shit!"

"Excuse me?" I whipped around. She repeated it.

It was a full minute later before I figured out that she was trying to say "Hershey's."
Scrunchy face + disdainful tone + "hoorshee" = horse shit, no? Apparently not. And thankfully so, because I wouldn't have been able to keep a straight face to reprimand her for such a comment anyway.

That's it.


Jenny said...

I am SO glad you're keeping up with your blog, sar! I am CRACKING up!!!

BW said...

hahahaa. is that what they call Hersheys now? I wonder what the kid with the pet one-legged chicken on a leash would have to say about that?

Anonymous said...

Glad you can appreciate the kids!

Anonymous said...

LOL, this one had me rolling!! I'm glad your kids don't say "horse shit" yet...or at least that one little girl! Speaking of ragamuffins, Tyler's hair is getting really long so he's been looking like a ragamuffin the past few days! That's exactly what we've been calling him too! Luckily, Brandon brushed him tonight for the party so he looked like a real dog! Can't wait to see you Fri!

your big sis

Anonymous said...

Wow cuz, you have an a fun way of putting things on paper, you go girl!

I love the ragmuffin look!