Friday, May 22, 2009

Challah Back Y'all

Today is the anniversary of the day I was expelled from my mother's womb, according to the heartfelt birthday card Tyler sent me. I'll be ringing in another glorious year of newfound stretch marks and wrinkles by attending a Kenny Chesney concert. Yes, despite popular belief, some Jews do like country music. And do wear plaid (all right, maybe that one's all me). And tonight we will be representing Jewish country fans across America (the other five are busy breaking bread with their ma and pa over Shabbat dinner).  Can't wait.

Oh and I graduated last weekend. Woo! Here is my favorite photo from the glorious weekend of events. This was taken, supposedly of me, during the ceremony's processional. But what I want to know is who is THAT guy? And why is he posing? Oh boy. 

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Moshe Mandelbaum said...

Your blog is so entertaining. I love the Challah back.