Sunday, July 6, 2008


Another glorious weekend! The sun, and the sand, and a drink in my hand....well, the sand part was true at least. It was super windy and not particularly sunny, but lovely to be on the beach with family nonetheless. 

Bec's a lieutenant! Her ceremony was awesome and lots came out to celebrate her success! She's so cute in her little white uniform. She even deemed me worthy of removing her left shoulder board. What an honor. Bec planned a delightful weekend full of activities--my only complaint being that they started too early in the AM. Besides trying to spring our car from the impound lot and hangin at the police headquarters, we had a great time relaxing with family!

I think everyone had to try on my hat. They mocked me, but not-so-deep-down, they coveted it. I know it.


Anonymous said...

It's true - we all loved your hat! It was great being with everyone & sharing in Becca's promotion.

Jennifer Bottoni said...

Hey! It's been too many weeks since your last entry! And I need to be entertained!!! :P I miss you!