Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Me Talk Pretty One Day

Election Day.

Leave it to my mom to swoop in and convince me to change my mind two hours before I vote. And I was beginning to tout myself as a woman of strong convictions.  Right.

But that's not what this entry is about.  

Have you ever read anything by David Sedaris?  I first read one of his books last year, and now I'm reading another.  Gosh, he's funny.  This semester is really stressful, but I read a chapter of Dress Your Family in Corduroy and Denim every night before I go to sleep and laugh so hard that all my troubles just magically melt away.  (Not really).  His writing style is so witty and sarcastic--love it!!!  So SMART and for lack of a better word, real.  Gotta lend it to Sue.  Right up his alley.    

This weather stinks.

That's all.  


Keith said...

He's great live. Check him out if you can.

Anonymous said...

You've convinced me to read the book - can always use a good laugh.

Anthea said...

funny, i didn't really enjoy me talk pretty one day. guess i have no sense of humor?