Tuesday, January 22, 2008

How's My Driving?

What happened to all the pictures on my blog from 2007? All gone? Strange.

Here is my tip of the day: If you're driving behind an 18-wheeler (that keeps changing lanes) with a sign on the back that says, "How's my driving?" but the telephone number beneath has been carefully scratched off, move! Clearly someone has had one too many complaints concerning his/her driving ability and needed to solve that problem fast.

Not that I have room to talk. I've had an interesting accident record. 1) Reversing into the side of a one-way bridge, 2) watching in horror as a wheelbarrow flies through the air and bounces off my hood, 3) slamming into one of those orange and white road block barrels that fell into the highway in the snow, 4) getting rear-ended by a kid whose scary father then called me using as many intimidation tactics as he could conjure. Technically, only one of those accidents was my fault. Still, wasn't taking my chances with that truck today--I like my head shaped the way it is now, thank you very much.

Who to vote for in the primaries next month? Gosh, I'm so torn at the moment. Been giving it lots of thought. If you want to try to convince me why one of the candidates is the best thing since marshmallow peeps, that would be fine with me.

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Billy Sugarelbows said...

Marshmallow peeps are the most vile of man's creations.